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Your pet’s health and well being is our top priority and we will take every step to give your pet the best care possible. We want to be your partners when it comes to making informed decisions about your pet’s health care.

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Animal Medical Centers has two veterinary clinics, one in Hartley, Iowa and one in Spencer, Iowa. Veterinarians in both clinics are committed to caring for your pets and your livestock or equine enterprise. Stop in to either our Hartley or Spencer office to visit with a veterinarian or staff member and learn more about how we can serve your pet, livestock, or equine needs.

DVM – Large Animal

Jeremy Bedford

DVM – Mixed

Victoria Foerster

DVM – Small Animal & Equine

Katie Kiepe

DVM – Small Animal

Janessa Mechler

DVM – Mixed Animal

Mark Rees

DVM – Small Animal

Wendy Rees

DVM – Large Animal

Aaron Nystrom

DVM – Small Animal & Exotics (small mammal and avian)

Katie Paulus

DVM – Mixed Animal

Jeremy Stuart

DVM – Mixed Animal

Lisa Yeske-Livermore

DVM – Mixed Animal

Megan Kellen


Below is a sample of some of the services we do here. Give us a call if you have questions on our other services!


Our veterinarians cover a large portion of Northwest Iowa to work with swine operations, cow-calf enterprises, and beef feedlots to help optimize health and performance.


We offer consulting service to area feedlots along with providing any necessary products at competitive prices. Our veterinarians will do arrival processing, and be there throughout the feeding period for medical expertise when the need arises. Meet with one of our feedlot veterinarians to design the best program for your vaccines, implants and parasite control on your next group of cattle.


From helping you get your cows and heifers bred, to assisting with calving, and to fall processing that prepares the calves to be marketed we have multiple doctors ready to meet these needs.


Our veterinarians are able to assist with medical and management services for both sow units and finishing facilities. Ventilation, nutritional and pathogen monitoring advice will help keep your operation efficient.


We offer emergency services such as OB assistance and DA corrective surgery (right sided approach or roll and tack). In addition to emergency services, we offer herd health and reproductive checks. We can also do mastitis culturing in the clinic, but we would like to work with clients to set up on farm culturing. As a way to prevent mastitis, we welcome discussions regarding parlor evaluations.


We recognize that dogs and cats are members of your family and treat them as such. The professional staff at Animal Medical Centers seeks to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care for their highly-valued patients.


Our ability to timely diagnose medical conditions has been enhanced by our new in-house lab system. When our initial findings lead us to further testing, we utilize a variety of outside labs. Consultation with specialists is something we rely on, either by phone or online. Some cases that require referral benefit from the good relationship we enjoy with Iowa State University.


We perform anything from routine spays and neuters to more complicated gastrointestinal and orthopedic procedures. We strive to be as safe as possible with our patients, utilizing pre-anesthetic blood tests, IV fluids during sedation, isoflourane gas anesthesia, heated pads on surgery tables, and surgical monitoring measures such as monitoring oxygen saturation and blood pressure during surgery. All of our surgeries receive post-op pain relief medication appropriate for the procedure.


Our practice encourages regular monitoring of older pets to confront early problems before they threaten quality of life. Regular serum chemistry profiling and attention to the dental health of your pet are two things you can do to stay on top of the health of your senior pet. Ask us how we can help with both of these issues.


Emergency care is available for active clients with accounts in good standing and patients who have current vaccines and/or have been seen by one of our offices in the last year.  Additional fees will apply, and all charges are due at the time of service.


This difficult time is inevitable for a number of pets. If asked we offer consultation on the timing of this decision. When the time comes for saying goodbye we make every effort to perform it in the most humane and peaceful way possible. Afterward, options include return of the body to the owner, cremation disposal of pets, or individual cremation with return of ashes to the owner. Ashes are returned in a plastic box, and we offer a selection of pet urns if desired.


Radiology – or X-rays – help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. Ultrasound evaluation can help us visualize structures that x-ray cannot define entirely. We have clinicians trained in both of these technologies.


Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. We offer AVID brand microchips, and help the owners take the next step of registering their pets with the AVID company so that if their pet is found a match can be made.


What your pet eats drives his or her health in so many ways. There are a multitude of reasons not to just buy whatever is the cheapest or tastiest food your pet likes. We would be happy to discuss nutrition with you at a yearly exam appointment.


We have designed protocols to manage the acute pain of elective surgery. When the chronic pain of arthritis is the issue we employ a variety of tools to find the best workable solution for painful pets.


We carry a mix of name brand plus affordable generic products to treat and prevent disease. Most clients are surprised to learn that our prices are usually more affordable than those advertised by the online and TV based pet pharmacies.


We offer boarding services for dogs and cats. Canine boarders are required to be current on immunizations for Rabies, Distemper combination, and Kennel Cough (Bordatella); felines need Rabies and Distemper combination. We will feed Science Diet maintenance foods, if you want to bring your own food we will feed that. Doctor supervised care includes dogs being walked twice daily and cages/runs being kept clean and dry throughout the day.


We offer grooming one day per week in our Hartley office and monthly in our Spencer office. Our groomers have many years of experience with both dogs and cats. Canine grooming patients are required to be current on immunizations for Rabies, Distemper combination, and Kennel Cough (Bordatella); felines need Rabies and Distemper combination.


Similarly we work with horse owners to develop the best vaccine and parasite control protocols. We also are able to assist with reproductive services and dental care.


Our doctors will help you select what vaccine and parasite control measures are right for you and your horses. We carry a variety of products so that we can tailor to your needs a health program. If one of your animals is sick, we will be able to conduct most blood work in-house, and we can advise what measures either medical or surgical it will take to return him/her to health.


We are able to help your horse stay in better condition by keeping the teeth in optimal condition. Some of this can be accomplished with hand floating minor abnormalities on the farm, but for major work we will utilize our in-house stocks and power float tools. More complicated procedures such as wave reduction and extractions, plus aligning the incisors correctly, are best done in this controlled environment.


We have ultrasound units at each of our clinics so that we can properly stage ovaries to precisely time insemination, and also be able to detect pregnancies at the earliest possible day. Diagnostic efforts such as uterine cultures and biopsies plus selected blood tests can help us settle “problem mares” that are not able to be bred in other settings.


Our doctors utilize x-ray imaging to help identify the cause of lameness in tough cases, and work together with a farrier to trim and shoe correctly to try to correct the problem.

Power of Partnership


Heritage Vet Partners is a well-organized community of highly skilled veterinarians, professionals and shareholders helping each other grow professionally. Individual veterinarians and practices have the freedom to practice their medicine and maintain their practice’s identity while Heritage can offer services and opportunities that the individual practice can leverage.

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